Ella Mai Net Worth

Ella Mai Net Worth: A Look into Her Financial Success


How Ella Mai Built Her $6 Million Net Worth

Ella Mai Howell, the renowned English singer and songwriter, has accumulated an impressive net worth of $6 million through her successful music career. Let’s delve into the factors that contributed to her financial success.

Thriving Music Career and Record Sales

Ella Mai’s substantial wealth primarily stems from the sales of her music albums and singles. Her breakthrough hit, “Boo’d Up,” achieved remarkable success, reaching the fifth position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This chart-topping achievement significantly contributed to her growing net worth.

Lucrative Musical Tours and Concerts

As a dedicated performer, Ella Mai frequently embarks on musical tours and concerts worldwide. By captivating audiences around the globe, she not only expands her fan base but also earns substantial paychecks. Currently engaged in “The Debut Tour,” Ella Mai is captivating Asian and Australian countries with her exceptional performances.

The Sony/ATV Music Publishing Deal

In December 2018, Ella Mai signed a lucrative worldwide deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, a prominent American music publisher. This partnership with Sony Entertainment and the multi-million-dollar deal further augmented her net worth. With her exceptional talent and continuous string of hits, Ella Mai’s collaboration with Sony is projected to bring even greater financial rewards in the future.

Home in Los Angeles

While Ella Mai could easily afford a lavish mansion in Los Angeles, she prefers a more modest lifestyle. In August 2016, she purchased a small villa-style home in LA, where she currently resides with her beloved pet dog. For Ella Mai, finding comfort and fostering creativity in her living space is more important than extravagant accommodations.

YouTube Channel Earnings

In addition to her musical endeavors, Ella Mai also maintains a successful YouTube channel under her name, “Ella Mai.” With over 2.84 million subscribers and 132 million video views, her channel has become a platform for sharing her music and connecting with fans. According to Social Blade, Ella Mai earns an estimated $610 to $9.8K per month from her YouTube uploads, resulting in an annual income ranging from $7.3K to $117.2K.


Through her exceptional talent, dedication, and strategic career choices, Ella Mai has established a remarkable net worth of $6 million. With her chart-topping hits, global tours, lucrative deals, and a strong online presence, she continues to solidify her position as a successful artist in the music industry. Ella Mai’s financial success serves as a testament to her incredible talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

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