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Kurupt Net Worth: A Look into the Financial Success of a Multifaceted Artist



Explore the life and career of Ricardo Emmanuel Brown, widely known as Kurupt. As a rapper, singer, and actor, Kurupt has made significant contributions to the music industry. Delve into his net worth, earnings, biography, and accomplishments.

Early Life and Background

Kurupt, born on November 23, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gained recognition as a member of the rap group “The Dog Pound.” He served as the Vice President of Death Row Records from 2002 to 2005. Kurupt’s talent and passion for music paved the way for his success in the industry.

Kurupt’s Net Worth and Career

Kurupt’s net worth was estimated to be $1 million in 2015, with the majority of his earnings derived from music, television appearances, and personal ventures. His net worth in 2011 was estimated at $500,000, indicating substantial growth over the years. Kurupt’s music career has been a significant source of income, earning him approximately $150,000 annually. Additionally, he has generated revenue through movie roles, sponsorships, and his own marijuana medicine brand, “Moon Rocks.”

Kurupt’s Earnings and Salary

Kurupt’s income and salary have varied throughout his career. As of the latest update in 2021, his reported earnings are as follows:

  • Per Year: $400,000
  • Per Month: $32,000
  • Per Week: $8,000
  • Per Day: $1,140
  • Per Hour: $19
  • Per Minute: $0.3
  • Per Second: $0.05

These figures highlight the financial success Kurupt has achieved through his various endeavors.

Personal Life and Contributions

Kurupt’s contributions to the music industry have solidified his status as a respected artist. Alongside Canibus, Killah Priest, and Ras Kass, he formed “The HRSMN,” a renowned hip hop ensemble. Kurupt’s versatility as a rapper, singer, and actor has earned him a devoted fan base and recognition within the industry.


Kurupt’s journey to success as a rapper, singer, and actor has propelled him to accumulate a substantial net worth. With his talent, hard work, and business ventures, he has managed to establish a prominent presence in the music industry. As Kurupt continues to pursue his artistic endeavors, his net worth and influence are expected to grow even further.

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