Matt Barnes Net Worth: A Detailed Insight into His Successful Career


Matt Barnes Net Worth

Matt Barnes, the renowned American professional basketball player and actor, has accumulated an impressive net worth of approximately $13 million. This estimation encompasses his earnings from his basketball career as well as other ventures. It’s important to note that net worth figures are approximate and can vary based on various sources.

Background and Early Life

Born on March 9, 1980, in Santa Clara, California, Matt Barnes embarked on a remarkable journey from a young age. He attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks, where he excelled in both varsity basketball and football. Barnes’ exceptional skills and dedication earned him numerous accolades, including All-American, All-State, All-City, and All-League honors in both sports. After graduating, he pursued higher education at UCLA, where he played college basketball for four seasons.

NBA Career Highlights

Matt Barnes’ professional basketball career took off when he was selected in the second round of the 2002 NBA draft by the Memphis Grizzlies. He subsequently played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Fayetteville Patriots in the NBA D-League. Barnes’ impressive performance with the Long Beach Jam of the ABA led to winning the ABA Championship with the team.

Over the course of his NBA career, Barnes represented various teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, New York Knicks, and Phoenix Suns. Notably, he reached the pinnacle of success in 2017 when he clinched an NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Career Earnings and Achievements

During his tenure in the NBA, Matt Barnes accumulated a substantial earnings figure of $35 million in salary. His highest salary of $6.1 million was earned during his stint with the Sacramento Kings from 2016 to 2017. Barnes’ dedication, skill, and perseverance on the court contributed to his remarkable achievements and financial success.

Personal Life and Beyond Basketball

Beyond his basketball endeavors, Matt Barnes has had a colorful personal life. He was previously married to television personality Gloria Govan, with whom he shares twin boys. However, their marriage came to an end in 2014. Barnes has faced legal issues, including an arrest in 2010 on charges of domestic violence against Govan. It is essential to approach personal matters with sensitivity and respect for all parties involved.

Following his retirement from professional basketball, Barnes expanded his horizons and ventured into acting. He made appearances in various television shows and movies, showcasing his versatility beyond the basketball court. Additionally, Barnes has embraced entrepreneurship and explored business opportunities, leveraging his influence and experiences gained during his basketball career.


Matt Barnes, with a net worth of approximately $13 million, has made a significant impact as a professional basketball player and actor. From his early days in Santa Clara to his successful NBA journey with multiple teams, Barnes’ dedication and talent have left a lasting impression. While his personal life has seen its share of challenges, Barnes continues to explore new avenues in acting and entrepreneurship.

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